New year’s eve 2013. What an amazing year it has been for Age of Woe and in retrospect; how the hell did we pull all of this off?

To sum things up: we managed to release our debut album, which made it to a bunch of “best-of-2013”-lists and was attributed with a lot of great reviews all over. We couldn’t have been happier with the response we’ve got, so thank you all.
Add to that some great shows and tours throughout the year and some nice festivals.

We would like to send love and thanks to Suicide Records, Give Praise Records and Doomstar Bookings for believing in us and helping us out. Now we venture into a new year with new adventures on the horizon. Can we outshine 2013? Yes, we will do our best. Expect some more news and info in the start of next year.

No rest for the wicked!