Today is the day! Our album “Inhumanform” is unleashed upon the world now, so you should all get your hands on it while it’s hot. It’s released on CD via Give Praise Records and the LP via Suicide Records. The album is also released digitally worldwide and is available for streaming and purchasing through a huge selection of online digital outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.

Here are two brand new reviews of “Inhumanform”:
Göteborgs-Posten 4/5 (Swedish) 8½/10

To celebrate the release of our debut album, we are hosting a release party in Gothenburg on June 8th. It will be a great night. You will find the event on Facebook here. Here’s some info about it:

Price: 120:- (“Inhumanform” LP included in the price).
When: 20:00
Where: Skjul Fyra Sex, Fiskhamnsgatan 41, 41458 Göteborg

Attention! You have to notify us by using this form if you want to come to the release party. Since it’s a private party, we have to do this according to Swedish law. Sign up HERE.