We just got back home from the lovely Rosenhanska Magasinet, where we resided to record our upcoming album. It was a place that instantly filled us with inspiration, energy and serenity and which made a huge impact on us while recording. Together with producers and sound engineers Lennart Östlund (Polar Studios) and Carlos Sepulveda (Belly of the Whale Studio), we recorded 10 dirty, heavy as fuck songs that we all are extremely satisfied with. All that is left now before the mixing and mastering is to record some additional guitars and the vocals. So unfortunately it will still take some more time before we can unveil more juicy information about this album. But be prepared to be knocked out!

An even more important news is that we finally can announce that we have found a new drummer to replace Markus. David Flood (Monachus) have been a great friend and also covered for Markus on our European tour in April, so the choice was not that hard to make. Besides, David is an outstanding drummer so it feels great to welcome him as a member in Age of Woe.

Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming album.