As I’m writing this the tour is just a dozen hours away and the excitment and eager to head out is peaking. Last night we had our last band practice before the tour starts and everything is feeling great. The set is tight and is a perfet mix of old and new songs. Unfortunately Martin had to stay home and rest instead, since he wasn’t feeling to well. Pre tour nerves? Who knows, but he wanted to rest so that he would feel better in time for the tour.

The days just before a tour is always the worst days. It feels like time stand still and the restlessness is unbearable. Quite similar to the feeling I used to have as a kid the days before Christmas. Now, all that is left is to pack my bag and gather all my shit and hopefully get a good night sleep.

We will bring new t-shirts on this tour, as well as the old ones (there are a few of them left), patches, backpatches, cool tote bags and of course the 7″ vinyl. So bring your savings and support a band on tour.

During the tour, we will post new blog posts as often as we can. So you’ll be able to follow us through Denmark, Germany and Poland via your computer. We are stoked to play all these great shows and meet a lot of old and new friends on the road. Go!