2011 was a great year in many ways for Age of Woe. We recorded and released our debut 7″ EP in September, and digitally through Pivotal Rockordings in December, which received a lot of positive reactions and great reviews all around.

To promote the release, we decided to live stream a short set we played at the Belly of the Whale studio in Gothenburg. It was a very cool event and nothing any of us had ever done before. It turned out to be more successful than we’d ever thought it could be. Hopefully we will be able to release this live recording in some way during 2012.

We also played a lot of cool shows during the year, including a mini-tour in Germany. We ended the year by playing at the Scorched Tundra Festival at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg together with As You Drown, Zombiekrig, Marionette and Eldrimner. It was a great night and a lot of people attended this newborn festival.

During the second part of 2011 we started to work on the next big project, which will be our first full length album. It culminated in a trip to a cottage in the woods, where we isolated ourselves for a week to work more intensely on the album. The recording of this album are planned for April/May, and so far it looks very promising.

We know that this year will be even more productive and intense for Age of Woe. For starters, we have a European tour coming up in April and even more shows to be confirmed during the first part of 2012. We are also working on some other cool stuff that we hope can be revealed soon, so stay alert and keep your eyes open.