It’s new years eve, and we are all back in Gothenburg again after spending the past week in a cottage to work on our upcoming album. It has been wonderful time and the stress-releasing environment was perfect for us to focus on Age of Woe related stuff.

Although, since the cottage is located out in the countryside, we had a hard time posting new blog posts on a daily basis to let you know how we were doing. Hence this recap post.

We went to the cottage with a few new songs and a lot of riffs and ideas in the bag, so we had a lot to work on and the main goal with this expedition was to get a clear picture of what the album would sound like, what direction to take and also to record pre-prods of all the songs. As most of the times, things tend to go quite fast once we have started to work and this was no exception. We rarely think about what kind of song we want to write or how we want the structures to be. It kind of comes naturally, as if the songs have their own life force. It has more or less become the Age of Woe way of writing songs – everything starts with a riff.

In the end we recorded 6 tracks and some other riffs and ideas, so we have come a long way towards completing the writing process for this album. Of course we can’t know for sure if all the songs we made so far will make it on the album, but at the moment they all feel very solid. Anyway, it will be a very heavy, groovy and evil album. That’s for sure.

On Wednesday, December 28th, we went back to Gothenburg to play the Scorched Tundra Festival at Sticky Fingers together with As You Drown, Marionette, Zombiekrig and Eldrimner. It was a wicked night and there were a lot of people attending this show.
You can watch some photos of the show here: