We proudly announce that Lukinzine exclusively have published the first Age of Woe video. The following text is taken from Lukinzine:

“Sometimes you feel the rush of blood coming fast and hit you hard whether it’s a party in town, Christmas Eve or New Year’s, and today is just such a day. Lukinzine can namely, totally exclusive and proudly, present the new and first video from Age of Woe! The video for the song, The Antagonist, comes from their self-titled debut EP which was released on 14/11 this year, and is made in a way that is a true tribute to the DIY spirit. In other words expect something that is just as raw as the music and the injustices that thrive in our harsh and cold society. What the hell, just click this link, start watching, spread the word and feel good about yourself!”

To see the video, simply go here.