This is the press release from Pivotal Rockordings website.

Gothenburg, Sweden based metallers AGE OF WOE will release its self-titled debut 7″ digitally this autumn via Pivotal Rockordings. Consisting of members of END OF ALL, MASSMORD, THE PROCESS and NO HAWAII,  the band is fueled by the desire to explore new soundscapes in the vast landscapes of punk and metal, leaving the Gothenburg sound in the dust.

AGE OF WOE’s debut self-titled 7″ release was recorded and mixed at Belly of the Whale Studio in Gothenburg with Carlos Sepulveda (NO HAWAII, JOE BARESI, PSYCORE) and Mastered by Ulf Blomberg of HoboRec (GRACE.WILL.FALL, COUNTERBLAST, MASSMORD) in February of this year. Pivotal Rockordings will make the debut available digitally worldwide and the limited vinyl printings will be available through Addiction to War in France, Halvfabrikat Records and HoboRec in Sweden, and Nakkeskudd Plater in Norway.

Age of Woe Tracklisting:

  1. We Are Dead
  2. The Antagonist
  3. No Remorse

AGE OF WOE has confirmed the following tour dates with more to be confirmed:

Aug 20 – Blitz, Oslo, Norway

Aug 27 – Skjul 46, Gothenburg, Sweden

Nov 1 – Soap Box Club, Nancy, France

Nov 2 – Les Arcades, Besançon, France

Nov 3 – Kuzeb, Bremgarten, Switzerland

Fan-filmed footage of AGE OF WOE performing the song “We Are Dead” in Gothenburg, Sweden can be found at the link:


Age of Woe is:

Sonny Stark – Vocals (MASSMORD, FUTURE RUINS)

Anders Pålsson – Bass (FREDAG DEN 13:E)

Martin Brzezinski – Guitar (END OF ALL)

Gonzo Incognito– Guitar (NO HAWAII)

Markus Bolechowski Franklin – Drums (THE PROCESS, DEADISTS)